Welcome to a new way to buy wine in Ireland. This is surely a wine enterprise with a difference. Enjoy free samples of fine wines delivered to your home. Then simply place your order for the ones you like. A way to try before you buy and to get great wines from France, Spain and Italy. And you pay only after your wine is delivered.


We have added several wines to our list including more organic wines from Catalunya in the Northeast of Spain. You can find descriptions of these new wines here.

Our wine samples are 50ml in size and are custom-prepared – see the picture on our blog or on our Facebook page to give you an idea. You can see all the wines here on the website. Most are not available in Ireland and are not for sale in usual retail outlets. We offer dozens of wines from Bordeaux, Champagne, Chablis, Burgundy and the Rhone Valley as well as various parts of Italy and Spain.  We have some beautiful organic wines too. Minimum order is six bottles. If you order from us, we source your wine, arrange transportation, take care of all customs and excise matters for you and then supply directly to your home – all completely free and something great to look forward to.




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