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How To Get Free Wine Samples

A warm welcome from Northwestern Wine to you! You may have found your way to us via Instagram, Facebook or even a friend. You are probably looking for free wine samples and we are happy to provide.

Our Service To You:

We select wines from smaller independent family producers.  Most of the wines are from the organic producers Milazzo of Sicily, Almondo from Northwestern Italy and Arnoux from the Rhone. They are not available in Ireland in regular retail outlets, but only through us.

View the full range of our wines here.

You can order free samples of these wines from us and they will be delivered without charge to you. 
You can then taste them at your leisure and sample them before you buy. 
If you like what you have tasted, then you can order and we will import these boutique independent wines especially for you. 
We look after all of the shipping and customs issues. 
You just need to look forward to the arrival of your wine which takes place in 6-8 weeks and is delivered to your home.

Free samples and free wine delivery – welcome to a new way of buying wine!

Get Your Free Wine Samples

Get your samples now!

Now you know what it is all about, why not join us? You will have some great wine samples delivered to your home and all free. Simply send us your email below and we will be back in touch.

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