New organic wines from Sicily

Milazzo Organic WineOrganic wines from Milazzo in Sicily

Maria Costanza

Northwestern Wine now has imported several wines from the Milazzo organic winery in Italy to Ireland. We have 3 whites, one of which is sparkling, and 3 reds.  See the Sicilian section for detailed descriptions.  These wines are exclusive to Northwestern Wine. The Maria Costanza Red is 100% Nero d’Avola and has won many awards over the years. This includes a gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.  There is also a magnificent white Maria Costanza.  For this, the predominant grape is Inzolia but it contains some Chardonnay, a blend pioneered by Milazzo in Sicily. Its fine structure, its wonderful full body and its lingering finish has ensured that this wine has continued to win medals since 1994 with the latest being a Gold at the Challenge International du Vin in 2019.

Terre della Baronia and Fancello

There are two wines from Terre della Baronia, a specific area in the Milazzo vineyards with unique soil types. The red is a blend of Nero d’Avola and the Sicilian Perricone.  The Terre della Baronia white uses Catarratto a well-known Sicilian grape. Full and balanced on the palate, it has a wonderful combination of fruit and acidity.  Another Nero d’Avola wine is Fancello which the wine makers may blend with different international varieties or local Sicilian grapes such as Perricone or Nero Cappuccino. A deep ruby red with hints of violet it is smooth and rich on the palate with a beautiful finish.  All the reds are excellent with meat, poultry, and cheese.  For instance, try them with some typical Sicilian dishes you could prepare yourself such as pasta alla norma or arancini.


Finally, the sparkling wine is white made from a most unusual combination of the Nerello Capuccio, Inzolia and Chardonnay grapes.  Made by a special technique for making sparkling wines to preserve freshness and aromas of the grapes without exposure to yeasts in bottles as occurs in Champagne.  Elegant and fragrant on the nose, and with a well-balanced acidicity it has a crisp finish.  Could be drunk alone or as an aperitif or with desserts.

Remember these wines are exclusive to Northwestern Wine in Ireland!


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