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Our Tastings and COVID

Prior to the COVID pandemic, Northwestern Wine organised tasting events in elegant surroundings. We changed our model based on public health concerns.  Now, instead of wine lovers travelling to sample, we bring samples to you.  You can find out more on our Blog or on our Facebook page. Our wines come from some of the best-known and well-established suppliers, winemakers and vineyards in the finest wine-making districts in Europe. Many, if not most, of the dozens of the wines we offer are unobtainable elsewhere in Ireland. We offer red, white, rosé and sparkling wines of many types. From the Claret of Bordeaux to Pinot Noir of Burgundy and from Champagne to Nero d’Avola of Sicily you will find something appealing.  As a result, many customers are return visitors and some have already created their own personal wine groups.

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