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Native White Sicilian Grapes

Native white Sicilian grapes Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto There are several lovely native white Sicilian grapes. Three are well-known as contributors to Sicily’s historically important Marsala, a fortified wine from the northwest of the island. But Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto are now finding a more important role in high quality...
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Sicilian Wine: Some New Arrivals

Sicilian Wine Climate There was a time when Sicilian wine, with the exception of the fortified Marsala, had a mediocre reputation.  Not any more.  Northwestern Wine has access to some beautiful wine from Sicily. These show, as with so many other Italian wines, how matters have changed utterly in the...

Another Interesting Read for Wine Drinkers in Ireland

A Kingdom of Wine The Wild Geese Northwestern Wine samples are a great way to get to taste our wine free.  And what better way to sample them than with a good read?  Another book came our way recently which should fascinate anyone with an interest in the Irish contribution...

An Interesting Read with a Good Italian Wine

An Immodest Proposal – Wine and Health We received a very interesting little volume recently here at Northwestern Wine, the author being one Giovanni Morelli.   He was once – over 40 years ago - a teacher of mine and had a distinguished career in medicine in Ireland, haematology to be...
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Organic and Biodynamic wine in Sligo and Galway

Organic and Biodynamic wine Interest in organic wine continues to grow in Sligo, Galway and the Northwest with our rising environmental awareness.  But what exactly is organic viticulture and grape production?  Organic winemakers use natural resources and production methods which are sensitive to the environment. The organic growers who supply...
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Northwestern Wine and working around Covid here in Sligo

Hi Everyone and welcome to Northwestern Wine website.  We think we have come up with a solution to COVID and wine tasting in a novel way for Sligo and the Northwest.   We will be offering samples which you can choose from our wine list and we will deliver them to...
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Welcome to Northwestern Wine Blog Page

Welcome to the updated website of Sligo-based Northwestern Wine and to our blog page. We really hope you like the website.  In our posts we will keep you up to date with our wine enterprise and will also have some interesting things to share with you.  Here are some important...

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