Wines from Chablis

Chablis White Wine Unoaked

Chablis is the most northerly region of the Burgundy wine country.  The Chablis appellation calls for the use of Chardonnay grapes only.  Typical Chablis is greenish-yellow in color and is high in acidity but this can soften with age.  On the palate, the wines are often described as flinty or steely, while the French refer to the “goût de pierre à fusil” or gun-flint flavour.  Compared with the white wines from the rest of Burgundy, Chablis has much less oakiness although some winemakers use new oak barrels to impart some additional flavours.  Agnes and Didier Dauvissat make this basic Chablis from the grapes vines grown on their 10 hectares of vineyards which were first planted in 1986.  It has the aromatic and tasting above and is full-bodied with a long finish.  Dry and acidic it is an excellent accompaniment to white meat, fish and cheese.

Beauroy Chablis Premier Cru

A step up in the classification of Chablis wines, this is a Premier Cru.  This is another wine from the Dauvissat family and has been made in a traditional unoaked style.  Historically, although many Chablis wines were made in oak barrels the wood was old and few of the associated flavours such as coconut and vanilla came into the wine.  The grapes for this wine, and the other Premier Cru we have, come from vines grown on Kimmeridgean soil.   This is a particular type of soil rich in calcium and it is thought to contribute to the aromatics and flavours of wine from the Chablis region.   With hints of apple on the nose this is a full-bodied wine with an excellent finish and will be perfect with poultry, fish, shellfish, lobster and cheese.

Chablis Beauroy White Wine Oaked

This wine from the Dauvissat family was made in an oaked style.  The use of oak became somewhat controversial in the past since many Chablis wines had been made with little oak flavouring to preserve the natural primary flavours of the Chardonnay grape.  Many makers deemed it untraditional to make Chablis in this way and the wine acquired some of the characteristics of those from further down the Burgundy region.  These oak flavours and the rounder tastes caused some makers to return to bigger and older vats to preserve the drier, more steely characteristics of Chablis Chardonnay.  This wine has undergone some exposure to newer oak and has great aromatic complexity with hints of apple and oak.  Slightly more round and full-bodied than the unoaked wine, it will be excellent with poultry, hake, swordfish or veal in white sauce.  It should, like many Premier Crus, age well for at least 10 years and develop more complex and slightly sweetish aromas with time.

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