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Wines of Trentino

Masetto bianco is a beautiful, and unusual, blend of Chardonnay and Riesling. The vineyards are located in the picturesque valley of the Adige river as it flows through the northeastern Trentino region. Chardonnay is harvested from vineyards in Pressano and Riesling from San Michele all‘Adige a few kilometers to the north. Endrizzi is a historic winery dating from 1885 when this area was still in the hands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But in the Middle Ages, the Augustinian monks of San Michele all’Adige were already the grape growers in ancient vineyards now part of the Endrizzi estate. Endrizzi minimises environmental impact in many ways. In the vineyard, mating disruption techniques are used to avoid insecticides. Nests for birds that eat insects potentially harmful for grapes have been installed. In the winery, work areas below ground level increase insulation and fruit delivery occurs by gravity. This saves energy, limits pump use and reduces grape stress. Masetto Bianco is an Indicazione Geografica Protetta wine. It is labelled Vigneti delle Dolomiti reflecting the location of the vineyards which lie in the shadow of the mighty Dolomites. Fermentation of the must is at a controlled temperature of about 16° somewhat lower than for red wine. As a result, the fruitiness and volatile aromas of the more sensitive white grapes persist. Steel and oak are both used for fermentation and the wine then rests on yeast for several months, all adding to the richness of flavour. Consequently, with its straw-yellow colour, the final wine offers complex aromas of ripe white and tropical fruit. It is full-bodied and has an elegant and well-structured balance of fruit and acidity. It will be wonderful with all types of fish, poultry, white meat and cheeses.

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