Bric Valdiana

Grapes: Nebbiolo

Style: Dry full-bodied

In addition to Langhe Nebbiolo, the Almondo family also produce Bric Valdiana. This wine, our second Nebbiolo from them is different to Langhe Nebbiolo in several important ways. For Langhe Nebbiolo, the they use the Lampia clone while for Bric Valdiana the Michet clone is also used. After harvest, the grapes undergo a long soaking or maceration period of 18-22 days compared with 5-7 days for Langhe Nebbiolo. Finally, aging is much longer – 18 months – for Bric Valdiana and is in large untoasted Slavonian oak casks. Hints of spices, flowers and cherries on the nose the wine is full-bodied with a long finish. Should easily keep for 5-10 years and, like most Nebbiolo, will age gracefully. A very nice wine with to meats, poultry, cheese and pasta.

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