Fosso della Rosa

Grapes: Brachetto

Style: Light summer drinking, lightly sparkling.

Not a grape seen every day of the week, Brachetto is a wonderful red Italian grape variety known largely from the northwestern region of Piemonte. It is specifically found within the provinces of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo, the home of the Almondo family. Wine made from this grape is usually very aromatic often reminiscent of strawberries and is typically light and sweet on the palate. Fosso della Rosa, made from 100% Brachetto, not only fits this description well but is also frizzante or lightly sparkling. It is perfect for light summer drinking as it has only been partially fermented and therefore has an alcohol level of just 5%. Ideal party wine or for light desserts or just for sipping in the garden on a fine summer or autumn evening.

If you are new to Northwestern Wine, you are welcome to try a sample of this wine. You can order your samples on the website or contact us by email.


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